This site needed a change. It took awhile, but since Blogger wasn’t posting my entries since their redesign, I needed to get this done. The redesign is still in progress, I’ll be making small changes along the way. The previous sites comments have not been imported at this time, since I am having Blogger issues exporting those comments.

I haven’t been knitting all that much lately but it’s coming along. I had some dramas over the last weekend that would take pages of this blog to fill. To make some long stories short, Friday my electricity went out. Not the whole building, just my apt. We managed to get some of it working again but half my apt. is in the dark. I have to shower by candlelight. My super is due up any minute to check it out further.

Then the next day my dog opened a closet next to my front door and thus locked me and Joe out of my apt. We’d been gone all day at the Bronx Zoo (LOVELY day) and were exhausted and frustrated when we couldn’t get in to Ty. Long story short again, but my new neighbor managed to jimmy the door closed with his sword (!).

It was quite a weekend. There were more activities but I won’t blather on. I hope I haven’t lost y’all with my non-posting lately. I promise to get better at it.

9 Responses to “A new look”

I love your new site! It is beautiful.

Digging the new look. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. 🙂

Love love love the new site! It’s lovely!

Thanks, ya all!

The new site looks great. But…um…what was your neighbor’s explanation for why he just happened to have a SWORD lying around?

Cari, I didn’t even ask, I was so happy he was able to help me!

You see, the sword thing didn’t even faze me. I used to be a martial artist and I’ve got one non-sharpenable metal sword and 3 or 4 practice swords lying about.

Good thing he could help out!

WOW!! Gorgeous new look! I love it!

I love the new look! Great job!