It turned out to be a great weekend. Hot, but bearable, and sunny. We ended up going to the Ryan Adams thing with my friends Thea and Peter, and some of their friends. The show was good and it was nice to relax in the grass all afternoon. Then we came home, showered, and headed to my friend Susan’s for a great party with a wonderful rooftop view of the fireworks. Saturday we lounged on the beach at Coney Island and then my mother and I took Joe for an authentic Sheepshead Bay seafood dinner at the infamous Lundy’s. My dinner wasn’t so great but I’ll be eating Joe’s leftovers for lunch today, ha.

So then yesterday it was too hot for a fitness walk in the park so I basically spent the day alone home most of the time, save for a few errands and a trip to the dogrun. It was actually kind of nice to veg, even though there was plenty of vegging on the weekend as well.

Knitting, oh yeah, this blog is supposed to be about knitting. Well, I expect to hit those 24 squares in the next couple of days. I’ll keep ya posted.

2 Responses to “Monday, again”

I’m so jealous you were able to attend a Ryan Adams show! I love him and why spend time knitting when you have Ryan’s music to groove by!

Actually, Rebecca, I forgot to mention that I *did* do some knitting, at the concert! So I grooved and knit to Ryan’s music.