I said I was going to knit yesterday right? Well, I started to. But distraction won once again. In good news, I did get that freelance gig and have to draw up a contract today. VERY glad about that.

Also yesterday, Ayelet and I made an aborted attempt at a park walk, only be be poured on once we got there. Silly us.

This weekend should be a good one, I have a mah jongg game tonight (no, I’m not 80 years old) and then tomorrow night is a Loser’s Lounge Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg which should be fun. Hopefully the weather will comply and I can fit in some beach or park time. And knitting. Oh yeah, knitting.

2 Responses to “Procrastination Times Two”

OMG! A Serge Gainesbourg tribute. I hope everyone chain-smoked, had a drink (or two…or three…) in hand, and lit up some French francs to shocked onlookers 🙂

Well, Becky, there’s no more chain smoking in NYC bars, a thing I find very fortunate though it would have added to the ambience, I agree. But we definitely had the drinks! It was a great show.