I’m afraid this entry will be Knitting Lite again. I had a pretty busy weekend, and little to no knitting time. The weather was superb this weekend, and though I skipped the beach, I did manage to spend a lot of park time. Saturday I went to the park with my walking buddy and did the loop, Sunday Joe and I just vegged and listened to the Guitar Man who is always really enjoyable.

Yesterday was a really hectic day at work. We are short some people and so much of the work falls on me. After a whole day of busting my butt here, I went home and worked on some freelance work. So, I guess my knitting is taking a bit of a backseat, though I will work on some today during slow points.

In other news, just how fucked up is this? I think it’s a pretty sad state of affairs in this country if women need money this badly and are willing to subject themselves to pain and humiliation. I’m gonna thank my lucky stars I do not have to even consider it.

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