I haven’t knit all week. I’m working on a freelance design project and I’ve been going out at night so there hasn’t been time. This weekend will be full with enteraining a couple of Joe’s friends visiting from Dallas. Probably not a lot of knitting in my future. I sometimes wonder how someone without a full time job can be so busy all the time.

I think I will take a small break from my work and knit for a while now. Maybe it will help me get my creative juices flowing a little more. It might be a lovely day out and I should go to the park and knit some, but I fear that will eat a larger chunk of my day than I can really afford to give up.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. I hope I have some more to report next time around.

One Response to “What can I say, really?”

Its good to know your not alone. I’m a knitter too, have two projects on the knitting needles, and need to pick one or both of them up and do some work on them. Just a few rows a day will change your WHOLE outlook !
Cheers, -dennis