Well, Friday night I stayed in and managed to sew together most of the squares I already have. I still have 12 squares to knit but at least much of the sewing is out of the way. I’m pretty sure I can have this thing done in the next couple of weeks if I just put my mind to it and set aside some time every day.

I had a very busy and exhausting weekend but it was a really good time. My boyfriend’s friends are visiting from Dallas, first time in NY, so the past 2 days were spent doing all the touristy things. Shopping in Soho, The Empire State Building (oh my god, the lines), drinks in Bryant Park, dinner in Little Italy, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, FAO Schwarz, shopping on Fifth Avenue, Central Park, dinner at Corner Bistro, pastries at Magnolia Bakery, drinks at Chumleys, WHEW! Did I leave anything out? If any of you are planning to visit NYC, I just put together a nice little tour guide for you.

Anyway, exhausted, ate too much, and now have to recover and get some work done.

4 Responses to “Busy busy busy”

Glad you had a good weekend (even if knitting was neglected)!

Wow! Talk about a neat turn around the city. When I make it back to N.Y.C., I know who I’m callin’ 🙂

And I’d be thrilled to entertain you when you do, Becky!

thanks for the virtual tour of NYC !!
I just went to all the links except Chumleys ( broken ?)