Last night I finished sewing together the 24 squares I have done already.


It definitely needs 12 more. It’s too rectangular. But at least I have much of the sewing out of the way. Ty seems to like it.

Since I’m waiting for client feedback on some work and I’m not feeling great enough to go work out, I think I will knit some this afternoon before heading out to birthday drinks this evening (no, not mine, not yet!)

6 Responses to “Getting There”

Wow, that is a very beautiful blanket. I’m jealous!

Wow I love that blanket, it’s just gorgeous! Where is the pattern from? So much sewing though………I hate the sewing part of knitting things. Though after knitting a full sized afghan in one piece, I can see the merit to small pieces sewn together!!

I once wore a bridesmaid dress in that exact shade of green. Believe me, it’s much, much prettier as a blanket!

Looks great!

Wow – it’s beautiful!

Thanks all!

Wendy, it’s from the current Rowan #33, as just a throw. I decided to make it for a baby blanket, even though it’s not traditionally “baby”.

Oh la la! That blanket is gorgeous. I love your taste in knitted things!

(That picture of Ty makes me smile; he looks so tough in the photo. For a bichon frise, that is :-))