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Busy busy busy

Posted by jackie blue on July 21st, 2003

Well, Friday night I stayed in and managed to sew together most of the squares I already have. I still have 12 squares to knit but at least much of the sewing is out of the way. I’m pretty sure I can have this thing done in the next couple of weeks if I just put my mind to it and set aside some time every day.

I had a very busy and exhausting weekend but it was a really good time. My boyfriend’s friends are visiting from Dallas, first time in NY, so the past 2 days were spent doing all the touristy things. Shopping in Soho, The Empire State Building (oh my god, the lines), drinks in Bryant Park, dinner in Little Italy, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, FAO Schwarz, shopping on Fifth Avenue, Central Park, dinner at Corner Bistro, pastries at Magnolia Bakery, drinks at Chumleys, WHEW! Did I leave anything out? If any of you are planning to visit NYC, I just put together a nice little tour guide for you.

Anyway, exhausted, ate too much, and now have to recover and get some work done.


Posted by jackie blue on July 18th, 2003

miriam-7-03.jpg This is my grand niece, Miriam. I’m sure she’ll smile even more when I finish her blanket!

What can I say, really?

Posted by jackie blue on July 18th, 2003

I haven’t knit all week. I’m working on a freelance design project and I’ve been going out at night so there hasn’t been time. This weekend will be full with enteraining a couple of Joe’s friends visiting from Dallas. Probably not a lot of knitting in my future. I sometimes wonder how someone without a full time job can be so busy all the time.

I think I will take a small break from my work and knit for a while now. Maybe it will help me get my creative juices flowing a little more. It might be a lovely day out and I should go to the park and knit some, but I fear that will eat a larger chunk of my day than I can really afford to give up.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. I hope I have some more to report next time around.

Gotta love a good prank

Posted by jackie blue on July 16th, 2003

In good news, has declared that yesterday’s outrageous report is “probably” a hoax. Let’s hope so!

But in other news, well, there is none. I still haven’t gotten any knitting done and although I really wanted to make SnB last night for the first time in many months, work just kept me too late again. I’d have had to scramble over the second my key hit the door and I dropped off my dog (who works with me on Tues.) and even then I’d have been somewhat late. Plus, that job just takes all the socializing tendencies out of me. Deb, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I miss a bunch of you gals.

Well, freelance work, laundry and the gym beckon.