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Needles and Pins

Posted by jackie blue on July 8th, 2003

It’s another slow Tuesday morning at work, so I brought all my squares for the blanket (I’m only up to 23, still need to knit another one) but having a short attention span, I decided to start sewing them together already. I’m going to sew them in the groups of 4 that fit together, and then I will see how big this blanket will become. It will still need an edging once all sewed, which will add some (not much) to the size of it. Then, if I think I would rather have 36 squares, I will knit 12 more.

Let’s hope I have no real work to do until later. Of course, I do have tonight to work on this as well.

Monday, again

Posted by jackie blue on July 7th, 2003

It turned out to be a great weekend. Hot, but bearable, and sunny. We ended up going to the Ryan Adams thing with my friends Thea and Peter, and some of their friends. The show was good and it was nice to relax in the grass all afternoon. Then we came home, showered, and headed to my friend Susan’s for a great party with a wonderful rooftop view of the fireworks. Saturday we lounged on the beach at Coney Island and then my mother and I took Joe for an authentic Sheepshead Bay seafood dinner at the infamous Lundy’s. My dinner wasn’t so great but I’ll be eating Joe’s leftovers for lunch today, ha.

So then yesterday it was too hot for a fitness walk in the park so I basically spent the day alone home most of the time, save for a few errands and a trip to the dogrun. It was actually kind of nice to veg, even though there was plenty of vegging on the weekend as well.

Knitting, oh yeah, this blog is supposed to be about knitting. Well, I expect to hit those 24 squares in the next couple of days. I’ll keep ya posted.

Squares, squares, everywhere are squares

Posted by jackie blue on July 3rd, 2003

I’m up to 20 squares on this blanket. I think my plan is to stop at 24, start sewing it together, and determine the size. If I think it’s too small I will trudge on to 36. I really should sit and knit all afternoon today. I don’t know why I think of that as “slacking off” when it’s obvious I need to be productive on this blanket!

I renewed my Rowan subscription the other day and received the new kit, for a Kaffe Fasset pillow. Another pillow! I would have liked a different project but this pillow is a lot nicer than the last one they sent me which was tiny and ugly. I never finished that one. But who has time to do this one either? I have a blanket to finish! And my Surf sweater which I feel may never get done. I love to knit that one on the beach. I have yet to get to the beach this summer, what with the weekends being so iffy.

And speaking of iffy weekends, I have no idea what to do on this one. Joe and I will certainly hang but we have no set plans. I could go to a party tomorrow with a fabulous roof view of the Macy’s Fireworks. Or, if it’s a nice day (not likely), I could go to the beach in Coney Island and see fireworks there that night. Maybe catch a Cyclones game if I can wrangle last minute tickets. OR, some friends of mine are going to Ryan Adams in Battery Park, OR, we can see what Joe’s friends are up to. So many choices, nothing actually planned.

A new look

Posted by jackie blue on July 2nd, 2003

This site needed a change. It took awhile, but since Blogger wasn’t posting my entries since their redesign, I needed to get this done. The redesign is still in progress, I’ll be making small changes along the way. The previous sites comments have not been imported at this time, since I am having Blogger issues exporting those comments.

I haven’t been knitting all that much lately but it’s coming along. I had some dramas over the last weekend that would take pages of this blog to fill. To make some long stories short, Friday my electricity went out. Not the whole building, just my apt. We managed to get some of it working again but half my apt. is in the dark. I have to shower by candlelight. My super is due up any minute to check it out further.

Then the next day my dog opened a closet next to my front door and thus locked me and Joe out of my apt. We’d been gone all day at the Bronx Zoo (LOVELY day) and were exhausted and frustrated when we couldn’t get in to Ty. Long story short again, but my new neighbor managed to jimmy the door closed with his sword (!).

It was quite a weekend. There were more activities but I won’t blather on. I hope I haven’t lost y’all with my non-posting lately. I promise to get better at it.