Nothing really new to report on the knitting front. I’m still plugging away at the same project, new projects dancing in my head but little time to devote to them.

Saturday we went to the Whitney specifically for the American Effect exhibit but we wandered the rest of the museum as well, then took a very long walk home. The rest of the weekend was mostly about relaxation and hanging with my dog. Yes, a perfect time for knitting too, and yet…

My nerves are a little shattered as I lost a client last week and this week I have my first interview for a full time job in a VERY long time. I like being a freelancer but this sounds like a good position and it’s close to home and a steady paycheck would be a wondrous thing. So my mind is not much on knitting lately.

5 Responses to “Same old”

Here’s wishing you good success on your job interview. Knit a garter stitch pot holder to take your mind off of it.

Good luck interviewing. Hope you get some knitting time soon.

Thank you very much, both of you!

Good Luck with the interview!

Sorry to hear about your client. Freelance can be a scary, precarious thing at times. Even so, it would take an awful lot to get me to take a full-time job again, so this one you’re interviewing for must be pretty good. My fingers are crossed for you!

(PS: I poked through your site and found we have the same birthday! Happy birthday a week from tomorrow!)