Just what is is with the shoe industry that they can’t make shoes that are stylish AND comfortable? Or, is it just my rotten feet? For the umpteenth time, I put on an adorable pair of spring green mules that I bought last spring. Very low kitten heel, so they should be pretty comfortable. But no. These shoes rip up the tops of my toes every single time, and I keep stretching them, hoping the next time won’t be so bad. I’m hobbling around barefoot at work again. And a perfectly cute, not so cheap pair of shoes will end up in the garbage. It infuriates me. (And before you ask, yes, they seemed very comfortable in the store).

Bored, and knitting. 7.5 squares to go.

5 Responses to “Ouch”

My simple solution to the painful shoe problem: PAYLESS. Then if they hurt you don’t feel guilty about throwing them in the trash! 🙂

Hope your day gets better…

Unfortunately, I’ve found that the cheaper the shoe, the more I am guaranteed that it WILL hurt.

Try Dansko shoes. I have fallen in love with their open-toe clog-gy types. No, they are not cheap, look for a sale. They are online, too, at http://www.dansko.com.

Oh! I sympathize. I’ve been walking around barefoot because a pair of my (not too cheap) sandals caused blisters on the TOPS of my feet. And having my kid screech “Mommy got a boo boo!” every time he sees my feet doesn’t make it any better 🙂

[Check this: They were my Dr. Scholl fancy clogs. I have a feeling the heat may have had something to do with it because my feet swelled, but still. Yoo hooooo, Dr. Scholl! Can I have my money back?]

Um….what size are the shoes? Have you got a photo of them? They sound like just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for….