Well, I wish I had happy things to report, but it’s been a little rough around here. I’m sure everyone knows about the Blackout of 2003. Well, when it hit, I was spending most of the day home in bed, since my boyfriend and I had a conversation on the phone (he was away on business) the night before that was leading to us breaking up. I was depressed and lonely on Thursday, and we were supposed to talk again that night. Then all the lights went out. Thinking it was just my apt. again (I lost my power a few weeks ago due to a short), I went into the hall and all was out, so then I thought it was just my building. I went back to bed and slept an hour or so. Then I got the dog and went out to the dog run when I found out that it was not only the whole city, but 9 cities. Wow. You know, the next few days everyone talked about suspecting terrorism again and that never even occured to me – I just thought what kind of fire caused this?

I spent the next 24 hours in misery. It was 90+ degrees, my building has no generator, and my flashlight was weak. I didn’t have enough candles but a friend gave me 3 more. My phones were all dead (cordless, and my cell phone battery was very low) so I had to use all my laundry quarters to call people. I was anxious about my relationship. I didn’t call friends and get together with anyone other than people at the dog run that I knew. I spent A LOT of time there, as it was cooler than my apt. and my dog had a hard time on the dark stairs so I didn’t want to go home too often.

On Friday, most people I knew were getting power back. Not me. I spent the whole day out in the run, and was pretty miserable. This should have been fun but it wasn’t. Then I was going to go to a friends but I found out my mother had power at 1 p.m. Finally, at 6:15, still without power in my place, I took a $40 cab ride to my mother’s.

On Saturday all was back to normal. Except in my life – since my boyfriend and I were finally able to talk, we called it quits. On the phone. Truth is, after 5 months together and having mostly great times together, we still knew it wasn’t meant to be. We were too different and although opposites attract, I think it’s hard to maintain a relationship when you have different views on so many things.

So, I am very sad. It’s my birthday this week and our plans together have now been squashed. I have not knit at all. I should, just to keep busy. Maybe I will today.

5 Responses to “What a few days”

I’m so sorry about the bad time you’re having! I’m sending positive thoughts to you so that things start looking up again.


I’m sorry to hear that your weekend wasn’t all it could have been. Ending relationships are always hard! I hope this week gets a bit better and take time to pamper yourself on your birthday! Maybe a spa day is calling you (esp. after those shoes were so mean to your feet).

Thanks for your nice thoughts, Becky and Rebecca. I am doing fine, it’s just so sad when I think about it. A spa day sounds like a great idea, I should do that soon if not Wednesday itself.

Hey, happy birthday tomorrow. I hope things are looking up for you soon.