Thanks for your nice wishes in comments and email, everyone. I am fine, just supremely bummed. Today will be a low key birthday, spending the day shopping with my mother and we’ll have a really nice dinner. After that I will meet a friend for a late movie. I have plans tomorrow night with a couple of friends too so the mini-celebration will be extended. Maybe I’ll get some knitting done too! I’ve been way too distracted lately.

Maybe the birthday fairy will send me the man of my dreams.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to my cute dog, Ty. One year together, baby. We made it.

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Me”

[Comes storming in, blowing a birthday horn and throwing confetti all around.]


“For she’s a jolly good knitter, for she’s a jolly good knitter, for she’s a jolly good kniiiiitteeeeer…whom everyone loves to admire!”

(Okay, I changed the last line. But we do admire you :-))

Psst…happy anniversary!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a great day with your mom and I’m looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow night!

And of course, happy anniversary to you and Ty!

You’re a hoot, Becky. Thanks so much!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow too, Ayelet.


Just caught up with your black out post. So sorry it took them so long to get you back up and running.

Then the “significant other” news. Well you are so very smart to accept that you had too many differences to continue. That just means the right man is still out there waiting and looking for you. He just hasn’t come accross you yet. I know I’ve been there. I thought it would never happen but it did !!! Ane it will for you too.

Yesterday was my birthday too! Happy birthday you! Happy birthday me! I always use my birhtday as a time to take stock of all the things I’m doing *right* in my life. It’s a time to be knd to yourself.

Thanks Ruth, and Jessamyn! Happy Birthday Jessamyn, I didn’t know you were blogging now too! Cool.

Hope you had the happiest of all possible birthdays!