but I never seem to get any wiser.

I had a nice birthday despite it being such a shitty week. Mom and I hung out, went shopping, she bought me the Retro Toaster Oven that I had my eye on, and a really nice skirt from my favorite store, Anthropologie. We had a lovely (and oh so filling) dinner at Tocqueville, where the waiter brought me TWO full desserts because I couldn’t decide which one. Insanity.

Then I met a friend for a late showing of Le Divorce which I liked very much despite critics not loving it. It only reinforced my love affair with Paris and my desire to return very soon. It’s been 3 years since I last went and I sure could use a vacation.

I’m laying low today. It’s HOT outside and my heart feels heavy. I think I will work on that baby blanket so I have something new to work on and post about soon. Tonight a couple of friends and I will have dinner and see this Pretty in Pink tribute, and I’m looking very forward to that.

Life goes on, my friends.

3 Responses to “another year older”

I am so so so sad for you. But friends, knitting, blogging and keeping busy should help and probably a nice big good cry – you earned it. 🙁

It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday filled with great things to more than make up for that shitty week. A retro toaster oven, a film I sooooo want to see (I need a baby sitter), two desserts, a Pretty in Pink tribute [!]…it sounds like my kinda fun. And you *should* come back to France. If you do, please let me know so we can visit 🙂

Thanks Kay, and Becky, a friend of mine is hoping to go to Paris end of this year, and if she does, I’m gonna try to go too. You bet I will let you know and we’ll get together somehow. Maybe a day trip to Lyon is in my future.