A weekend of extraordinary weather. Except it was so breezy that on the beach it turned into a wind that made it impossible to keep an umbrella up and caused more than a few sandstorms. The result of no umbrella, even with liberal application of SPF30, is that I’m starting to look like an old saddlebag. I might have to turn in my membership to the Island of Manhattan and move to Florida or something – I look way too “healthy” to live here anymore. As if a tan is healthy.

I managed a bit of knitting and I’m determined to have news as far as the blanket goes pretty soon. I anticipate a busy fall, workwise, so I have to use up my leisure time in a productive/knitting way.

I can’t believe next weekend is Labor Day. I still have that end-of-summer-blues thing that I always had as a kid. Especially with so little beach time this year.

Well, back to Monday.

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