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And yay!!

Posted by jackie blue on August 8th, 2003

My new Rowan #34 has arrived! I have already picked out about 5 things I want to make!

Make Me Over

Posted by jackie blue on August 8th, 2003

A fun dinner and Avenue Q last night with friends. This is a hilarious show, people. If you’re in NYC you must check it out.

I don’t usually post about celebrity sightings, as I’m in NYC and see them all the time and it doesn’t faze me much. But this week has been odd. On Wed. at my hair salon, I saw Genevieve Gorder from TLC’s “Trading Spaces” (of which I am a big fan). We use the same stylist. And then last night at the show, I saw Carson Kressley from Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” (a new favorite) AND Wayne Scot Lukas from TLC’s “What Not To Wear” (no they weren’t together) – he sat directly behind me and boy, was he wearing something not to wear – a black velour warm up suit, at the theatre!?
Anyway, I’m now convinced I’m being stalked by Cable TV Reality/Makeover Show stars. Is someone trying to tell me something?

And talking about makeovers, my hair cut was fabulous on Wed., today it’s a mass of waves and curls (I usually wear it straight) that I can’t control. Why does it only look good when I leave the salon?

Well, aside from all that, I will be awaiting a client’s feedback today (hope I will hear from her!) – defrosting my freezer, and playing mah jongg later. I suppose I can try and knit in there somewhere. Only 8 squares to go…

Help, I’m Drowning

Posted by jackie blue on August 5th, 2003

Yesterday the first floor of our office building got totally flooded. Down the block, people were knee deep in water, wading through the streets. Yes, it’s summer in NYC. And not a beach day in sight.

This may be the funniest op-ed column I’ve ever read in my life.

Knitting at work today, eager to finish this project once and for all. I promise, readers, the end is in sight.

Monday Monday

Posted by jackie blue on August 4th, 2003

Well, despite losing in the 9th inning, last night’s Cyclones game was a load of fun. It didn’t rain, it was pleasantly cool and breezy (we actually froze toward the end) and Joe and I consumed way too much hot dogs, curly fries, soda, and ice cream. It’s back on the healthy eating wagon for me for the next 2 weeks (he’s travelling on business, I’ll be eating out much less).

A little knitting was done and I’m happy to report that I have only 9 squares to go.

Today it’s back to the grind and a hectic day of getting work out. Have a nice day, folks.