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Knitting Block

Posted by jackie blue on August 1st, 2003

Last night I was so bored with the blanket and eager to start something else, at least, although I have other WIP. So I got out this cheap cotton/nylon stuff from Smiley’s and thought I would at least do a simple summer tank or halter. So I started something, and then didn’t like the way it was coming out and so ripped it up and went back to the blanket. I need a cute but simple pattern for that yarn, nothing I have is thrilling me.

And then I should have stuck to knitting instead of sitting at this computer because I ended up spilling something and killing my keyboard. I had to run out this morning and buy a new one ($65, damn Apple) and now at least I can type with all my letters.

Really need to be cleaning today, place is a mess. Have a nice weekend, folks. I’ll be praying for dry weather as we have tickets to the Cyclones game on Sunday- it’s a biggie, against the Staten Island Yankees. Please, no one do any rain dances.