Well, the 36 squares are knit, they are sewn together, and most of the zillions of ends are woven in. Now, I had hoped to be done completely, but the edging is an undertaking all on it’s own. I have about a foot of edging done so far, but there is a ways to go. I’ll be doing as much as I can this week, but today will be a busy day.

I thank the weather gods for at least one beautiful day this weekend, Sunday was cool and dry but glorious. A bit chilly for swimming at the beach but I did so anyway. Then rain rain rain all day yesterday and today. Today feels VERY “back to school” even though I am quite a grown adult. It’s raining, gray, cold (I have long sleeves AND a jacket on) and a long day at work ahead really makes it feel as though summer is over for good. I want to go buy clothes now. And pencils and paper.

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