to finishing the edging, but not enough yet. I have one and a half sides done, but I wanted the whole thing ready for this Sunday. That means I have to get off this computer and knit as much as I can during slow periods at work today.

We’ve been having some glorious weather in NYC and I spent a lovely time in the park on Saturday and brunching on Sunday. My goal these days is to be as busy and social as I can be. I’m trying to forget the events of two years ago this week but it’s hard with all the media exposure. Last night I watched the final installment of New York by Ric Burns, dedicated to the twin towers. I’d probably avoid it all together except I know a few people involved in the making of that doc and I’ve been looking forward to the final episode since the original series came out a few years ago. It was beautifully done but brought back feelings that I really hoped I wouldn’t think about anymore.

So, I’m gonna focus on getting this blanket done for the weekend since I am visiting my brother on Sunday for my other grand niece’s 3rd birthday. That should keep my hands busy for awhile, if not my brain.

One Response to “Getting Closer”

Good for you on keeping your mind occupied on other things during this time, although it must be VERY hard for you. Sending good vibes to you, Jackie-Blue!