I have quite a few feet now on the edging. I think that if I stay in today and ignore the gorgeous weather I can probably have it done in the next day or two and sew it on by Sunday. There is the guilt of staying in today but then, that’s what I did two years ago, I might as well commemorate the memorial with some down time. I’m sure a trip to the dog run is in the agenda for later and then I can bond with people if I want but for now, this knitting project has got to get done.

I also need to buy a birthday gift for my other grand niece, turning 3 this week. What on earth do you buy for a 3 year old? They don’t really appreciate clothes yet, do they? She has more toys than Toys R Us. There is no time to knit anything.

Plus, a friend of mine became a father yesterday. I really need to knit something (small) for them, too. All these babies!! Not enough time.

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