I live in a city full of LYS but I don’t have time to trek all over town for the yarn for this Latifa scarf. So, I figured I’d order it all online. Great! I found a place with both brands and ordered all of it at once. Then, I get an email that they only have 3 of the 4 colors of Silke-Tweed, and are out of the color of Koigu I wanted. They don’t expect to get the S-T in. So, they are sending a partial order. I couldn’t find another online vendor with both yarns, so I ordered the Koigu from another place, hopefully they have it, I haven’t gotten an email yet. Then I ordered the one skein of S-T from a place I know had it in stock. YAY! Except their shipping for one skein was highway robbery.

Well, then I get an email from them that they refuse to fulfill my order because it doesn’t meet their $25 minimum. Which wasn’t specified on their shopping cart, which should have been programmed not to accept orders below that minimum. But, it did. So now I had to look further. I found another vendor who would be happy to send one skein. But again, shipping is a total ripoff. I just hope they have the color in stock. Haven’t gotten an email to the contrary yet. Too bad Ms. Minimum has permanently lost a customer in me.

This has turned into an all day affair, and is costing way more than it should due to varying vendor prices and outrageous shipping from three different sources. Too bad I really wanted that scarf. I’d have saved a lot of money and time if I hated it.

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Did you try the Threadbear guys? Do a google for Threadbear fiber and you should get the site.