No, I’m not pregnant. But all my yarn is finally ordered and being sent (and yet another vendor was out of stock on the one S-T color, but I found another who is SO MUCH CHEAPER, YAY) so all should be on it’s way soon enough.

In the meanwhile, I did about 3 lines (hey, it’s something) on the long ignored surf sweater last night, and today I might venture to a book or yarn store to look at other baby patterns. I seem to have a lack of any at home.

Other than that, it’s all freelance work here (thank god I have the little bit I do), hurricane watching (I hear it’s going to drizzle, now), and being a little social. One thing I love about living in NYC is that I’m surrounded by so many talented friends and there’s always someone performing somewhere. The other night was a little impromptu acoustic evening with a bunch of friends – a couple of the guys are in a band called Nada Surf and they are embarking on a big tour next week (of course I’ll be at the NY gig) and if they play in your city, do go, they are wonderful. My friend Lianne Smith (if she had a site, which she should, I would link to it) sang a few songs with them on Tuesday, it was a damn fine evening. Except I drank too much wine. C’est la vie.

Well it’s back to being productive for me.

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