Well, here is a scan of what I have done on the Latifa scarf so far. This is a fun project, quick, and it will look so CUTE with this pink fall coat I have, that is, if we ever get Fall. It’s still so warm every day. I hope to work on this a lot this weekend and not let freelance work take over. I have to learn to budget my work time better.

In the quest for some good baby patterns and realizing I have all these babies surrounding me and not a lot of knitting choices, I joined the Crafters Choice club and ordered 4 books (ok, they weren’t all baby) and also got a Phildar layette book since Becky is always making the nicest stuff from them. I love that book! A lot of very cute choices. When I am going to find all the time (and money) to make all this stuff?

Exhausted after a night of hearing friends play music – whatever happened to the girl that could stay out till 5 a.m. the next morning every night? Now if a show ends at 1:30 a.m. I think, WOW, it’s so late. I hate this aging stuff. I realized last night when one of the guys on stage asked the crowd if they know who Pablo Cruise was, that I was one of the very few who did. Most of the crowd were not born yet or were in diapers when those guys ruled the airwaves. How did I get so old? Should I be insulted the bouncer didn’t ask for *my* ID?

5 Responses to “Latifa so far”

the scarf looks so fun to wear!

That scarf is looking so good! Are you using the yarn as specified? I went back to visit knitty the other day just to look at that scarf. I don’t think it matches any of my jackets, but I may just have to get a jacket to match the scarf! It’s darling!

Mary, I am using the exact colorway of #1 on the knitty site. But, the yarn comes in so many pretty colors, koigu especially, that you can make one in something that will match your jackets and it will look just as good. I just loved this color combo.

Scarf is looking good!

(I loooooooooooove Phildar’s layette books. Let me know if you need help getting Phildar yarns :-))

P.S. When I was in college, there were always “Thursday cocktails” at dance clubs. I’d go with my friends and stay out until 4-5 in the morning, then go home, take a shower, and head right to 7:00 a.m. class WITHOUT SLEEPING. If I did that now I’d probably collapse. Nowadays I’m in bed by 10 pm sharp. I’m such an old phart now! Hehe.

Becky, if I ever can’t find yarns, I’ll definitely let you know! Thanks!