I mean the weather, not my age. This morning was delightfully sunny and cool, and although it will go up to the mid 60s by afternoon, I hope this means Fall is on it’s way.

I abandoned the Latifa for the weekend and picked up some Bernat Cotton that was in my closet and started a cute, simple little sweater from the Phildar Layette book I picked up. The yarn I’m using is a lot thicker and the needles 2 sizes bigger than the pattern calls for, so I have to adjust for size. I’m using less stitches than the 0-3 month size but following the measurements for 6 months. Hopefully it will come out OK. This is for a friend who had a baby a couple of weeks ago. I’ll hopefully spit this one out in a big hurry and then go back to my scarf. So far this weekend I did the back and about 4 inches of one of the front panels.

Well, back to a slow boring Tuesday.

2 Responses to “At last, 50s”

Hey Jackie-Blue! Which sweater are you doing from that pattern book? I have the same one! I did the bonnet on the cover (will look for pictures and post them for you) and the cabled sweater with rolled cuffs for the kid.

I am making the simple crossover top on page 6, Becky. I wanted something that would go very quickly, and yet, I’m still not done with it! Ha.