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Bye Bye Johns

Posted by jackie blue on September 12th, 2003

You know you’re getting old when your childhood crushes start to die. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this morning that John Ritter had passed away. I loved him so much as kid that I used to kiss the TV. RIP, John.

And Johnny Cash, well, what can I say. The man was a musical genius. But his recent illnesses made this one fairly predictable so it wasn’t a shock. RIP, Johnny, hope you and June are doing some nice duets up there.

I haven’t heard back from a steady client and a potential client this week. Could I be any more desperate for work? It’s been a really slow summer and things promised to pick up now but it’s not happening yet and I’m starting to really worry. Cross fingers that something comes through soon!

Well, back to finishing that edging. I just wish I could find my tape measure…

Really almost there

Posted by jackie blue on September 11th, 2003

I have quite a few feet now on the edging. I think that if I stay in today and ignore the gorgeous weather I can probably have it done in the next day or two and sew it on by Sunday. There is the guilt of staying in today but then, that’s what I did two years ago, I might as well commemorate the memorial with some down time. I’m sure a trip to the dog run is in the agenda for later and then I can bond with people if I want but for now, this knitting project has got to get done.

I also need to buy a birthday gift for my other grand niece, turning 3 this week. What on earth do you buy for a 3 year old? They don’t really appreciate clothes yet, do they? She has more toys than Toys R Us. There is no time to knit anything.

Plus, a friend of mine became a father yesterday. I really need to knit something (small) for them, too. All these babies!! Not enough time.

Getting Closer

Posted by jackie blue on September 9th, 2003

to finishing the edging, but not enough yet. I have one and a half sides done, but I wanted the whole thing ready for this Sunday. That means I have to get off this computer and knit as much as I can during slow periods at work today.

We’ve been having some glorious weather in NYC and I spent a lovely time in the park on Saturday and brunching on Sunday. My goal these days is to be as busy and social as I can be. I’m trying to forget the events of two years ago this week but it’s hard with all the media exposure. Last night I watched the final installment of New York by Ric Burns, dedicated to the twin towers. I’d probably avoid it all together except I know a few people involved in the making of that doc and I’ve been looking forward to the final episode since the original series came out a few years ago. It was beautifully done but brought back feelings that I really hoped I wouldn’t think about anymore.

So, I’m gonna focus on getting this blanket done for the weekend since I am visiting my brother on Sunday for my other grand niece’s 3rd birthday. That should keep my hands busy for awhile, if not my brain.

Out with the old

Posted by jackie blue on September 4th, 2003

Today I was overcome with the feeling to purge. Not the 3 lbs. I seem to have gained in the last week eating Ben & Jerry’s and handfuls each day of Costco chocolate covered raisins. No, going to the gym would be too easy. Instead, I have been throwing away CRAP. It’s amazing what you can accumulate in a very small NYC apartment over the course of 10 years. I have 5 kitchen garbage bags full of stuff waiting to go into the trash room. Pounds of shredded financial documents. A zillion cables from old computer and electronic equipment. My first cell phone, circa 1997, which weighs about 5 lbs. and looks like you can kill someone with it. Old linens and crappy gym clothes I’ll never wear (how could I? I never go…hahahaha). Anyway, no knitting today, I’ve been organizing.

Tonight I’m going to see the Shins at Bowery Ballroom, which should be fun. I’ve had these tickets all summer.

Well, I’ll be edging along with the blanket tomorrow.