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Edging Along

Posted by jackie blue on September 3rd, 2003

This is the edging I’m working on now.

I have about a foot and a half so far, quite a bit longer to go.

Today is nasty out and freelance work hasn’t come in yet so I went shopping for a bit (fall clothes and shoes, yay) and now I’m just hanging out and working on the edging. I hear the gym calling. I am too lazy to answer. I want to get this out of the way already.

Almost There

Posted by jackie blue on September 2nd, 2003

Well, the 36 squares are knit, they are sewn together, and most of the zillions of ends are woven in. Now, I had hoped to be done completely, but the edging is an undertaking all on it’s own. I have about a foot of edging done so far, but there is a ways to go. I’ll be doing as much as I can this week, but today will be a busy day.

I thank the weather gods for at least one beautiful day this weekend, Sunday was cool and dry but glorious. A bit chilly for swimming at the beach but I did so anyway. Then rain rain rain all day yesterday and today. Today feels VERY “back to school” even though I am quite a grown adult. It’s raining, gray, cold (I have long sleeves AND a jacket on) and a long day at work ahead really makes it feel as though summer is over for good. I want to go buy clothes now. And pencils and paper.