Apologies for the non-posting. I haven’t done much knitting the past few days – too absorbed in my own life I guess. I have done most of one front panel of the baby sweater. Still a ways to go. I met the baby last week and she is so TINY that she won’t be able to wear this for months anyway. But I do need to finish and get back to the Latifa scarf. The temperature here is pleasantly dropping (though even with a chill 46 degrees this morning, it was hot in the sun and I needed to remove my jacket because I was roasting) so it will be scarf season soon enough, though not just yet.

Off from work today for the Jewish holiday (it’s a Jewish business) but heathen that I am, I am working on freelance work at home today. I am unmotivated after a lovely weekend of seeing music with friends and having a great dinner for Ayelet’s birthday last night. I am now broke and getting fat after all the indulgence so sitting on my rear today is not the best idea, but work has to get done. Why can’t a bag of money just drop from the sky onto my head? (and probably kill me?)

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