…in my work, so I’m going to get some knitting done this afternoon. I have till 10/17 to finish the baby sweater. And it’s a nasty day out, so I don’t mind staying in and doing it. Though I may decide to go out tonight.

I’m so sorry I had to miss last night’s SnB – the last one in that particular cafe which I played a strong role in moving to in the first place – seems they are closing which is a shame. It was also a book party for Deb’s new book (buy it, people, it’s very cool) and I really wanted to make it for that reason. But it was 8:20 as I clocked out of work, and nearly 9 when I touched ground in Manhattan, which was the end time of the party. Sorry Deb – and hope to see some old time SnBers soon.

2 Responses to “A Short Lull…”

The book! I’m on pins and needles to see it. Until I get a copy I have to content myself with looking at the cover image over at Amazon. Hehe.

i missed it too – i am planning on hitting barnes and noble this week to pick it up. i was going to wait until x-mas and add it to my list but i got a sneak peek at the knit-out and know i want it now.