Again, apologies for the silence. Just been a busy little bee! Anyway, almost done with the Phildar baby sweater for this week. I promise I’ll have photos tomorrow! I have one sleeve left to do, and it’s already half sewed, and I decided since it was just a plain stockingnette stitch that I would do some embroidery to liven it up. You’ll see!

I’m in kind of a funk today because this morning my bird, Kelly, injured his wing somehow and was bleeding when I woke up. I tended to it with tissues and Neosporin and Liquid Bandage, and against better judgement came into work anyway. He seemed OK when I left, he was eating, but I’m worried he’ll pick at it today and bleed a lot again. I’m worried sick but trying to get through the day and hope he’s fine when I get home. It didn’t seem life threatening or I would have ran to a vet.

Anyway, back to knitting. Oh, my nephew just had his second baby this weekend. A girl. I now have *3* grandnieces. Looks like more knitting for me…

2 Responses to “I’m a bad blogger”

🙁 keep us posted on your bird.

Poor Kelly 🙁 I hope his wing heals up quickly!