I never did get to finish that sweater last week. I meant to give it on Friday night but I just didn’t get the snaps sewn on and ends woven in in time. I know, small details, but freelance work kept me busy. So now I have a few more weeks to give it and since I have more time, might do a little more embroidery and maybe make a pair of booties to match. Pics coming soon, I swear.

It’s a glum day around here though I had a really great weekend. But there’s been a rash of suicides at nearby NYU and the latest one happened to be the daughter of a coworker. I never met the girl but still, not the kind of news you want to come into work to.

On a lighter note, saw School of Rock this weekend and if you haven’t yet, GO. It’s so good, so mood enhancing, I want to see it again and again.

2 Responses to “Blue Monday”

How horrible about those suicides. Why must it happen in waves? Why at all? 🙁

On a happier note, there are so many movies I want to see! School of Rock is one. Lost in Translation is another. Charlie’s Angels, too [don’t laugh!]. I need a babysitter. Or, to go visit my parents and pull all-nighters while I surf their gazillion cable channels and pay per view.

I LOVED Lost in Translation too. And why should I laugh? Movies are escapism. Too bad I can’t babysit that gorgeous kid for ya.