crossover sweaterOK, here are photos finally. The sweater as appears in the Phildar Layette book, and, the version I did with bulkier yarn and embroidery embellishment. I thought it looked kind of plain and now I’m wondering if I want to add another little flower to each sleeve near the cuff. I’ll give it to them soon enough. Meanwhile, I need to continue on with Latifa, as it’s getting to that scarf season and I want to wear it! Also need to think of what to knit for the newest grand niece.

crossover sweater

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Oh! I LOVE your version. You are an ace! You know how to make knits so classy. Lucky, lucky recipient 🙂

*Mwah* Becky! You’re so sweet.

That’s beautiful! I’m curious– are there hidden buttons under there? Or how does it close?

Great job– the embroidery is sweet.

Thanks Kate! There are snaps under the band.

Jackie! Super Cute! I love the flowers!

What a cute sweater! I love it, and the embroidery you added is precious! I’m going to have to get my hands on some Phildar patterns….

the color is so pretty and i love the embroidery you added. very adorable!

Jackie- I too love the colors they are so today or possibly … tomorrow( ahead of the trend!). I am one of those people that love to knit with more than one color. Easy stuff. Just a design with like every 3rd stitch bring in a color, stip a row and then every 2nd stitch. Maybe you could try that with one of them. Just an idea….
PS I’m new to this blogging thing

Oooh! That is the cutest little sweater EVER! And my favorite color, too. I am suddenly wishing I were about 20 sizes smaller and related to you. 🙂 Beautiful work!

Was the pattern in French ????