I just got Deb Stoller’s book in the mail today. Thank you Deb! It’s SUCH a great book – full of really easy instructions and diagrams and some really cool patterns. It was fun to look at patterns by some of my virtual knitting friends (Hi Becky!) and there’s even a little mention of me in there somewhere. I miss the Stitch and Bitch meetings SO much (damn Tuesday job) and this book just brightened my cold day.

Last night went to the UCB Theatre for their Fast Times at Ridgemont High Live show. It was fun, but not quite as good as the previous Pretty in Pink show which had me in tears of laughter. It was DAMN COLD though and we stood outside for almost an hour. Brrrr. How did winter get here so fast??

Gonna work on the Latifa scarf a bit today, since it’s a slow work day. The weather will not wait for me.

3 Responses to “A Must Have”

just got the book too – where does it mention you so I can look it up?

Kay, it’s just a small mention on the first page of the Stitch and Bitch chapter, where the “regulars” are listed.

I just got my book today! And I saw several important mentions of you throughout the book. I was like, “Hey! I know who that is…that’s our Jackie-Blue! The one who [unwittingly] introduced me to The World of Rowan with her lovely Maggie. And yes! I’ve seen those pictures of her with her eighties sweaters. [Tee hee!]” How neat it was to read someone about I “know” online. You’re famous 🙂