Well, Halloween costume complete, freelance work in limbo, and I could be knitting today. Should be. This computer is like a magnet and I spend most of my time doing needless tasks rather than getting more important things done. I want to finish Latifa before it’s cold. We’ve gotten a little break from the chill and it’s near the 60s this week and it promises to be even warmer on the weekend so I have a little time. But I need the motivation.

I also still need to think of a project for the newest grandniece. She lives in LA so there isn’t much of a need for very warm things out there. Any ideas?

I guess I need to climb outside of my own head and get moving on some things. It’s really too lovely out to sit around and be mopey.

2 Responses to “Will this scarf ever be done?”

I have two nieces and a nephew in Cali, too. I have lots of patterns for cute knitted outfits! Hm…why don’t you send me your snail mail address? 🙂

yay, mail! sending you my address!