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RIP Elliott Smith

Posted by jackie blue on October 22nd, 2003

Your music was lovely and sad and I have a tear in my eye for you.

Procrastinator’s Anonymous

Posted by jackie blue on October 22nd, 2003

crossover sweaterOK, here are photos finally. The sweater as appears in the Phildar Layette book, and, the version I did with bulkier yarn and embroidery embellishment. I thought it looked kind of plain and now I’m wondering if I want to add another little flower to each sleeve near the cuff. I’ll give it to them soon enough. Meanwhile, I need to continue on with Latifa, as it’s getting to that scarf season and I want to wear it! Also need to think of what to knit for the newest grand niece.

crossover sweater

Blue Monday

Posted by jackie blue on October 20th, 2003

I never did get to finish that sweater last week. I meant to give it on Friday night but I just didn’t get the snaps sewn on and ends woven in in time. I know, small details, but freelance work kept me busy. So now I have a few more weeks to give it and since I have more time, might do a little more embroidery and maybe make a pair of booties to match. Pics coming soon, I swear.

It’s a glum day around here though I had a really great weekend. But there’s been a rash of suicides at nearby NYU and the latest one happened to be the daughter of a coworker. I never met the girl but still, not the kind of news you want to come into work to.

On a lighter note, saw School of Rock this weekend and if you haven’t yet, GO. It’s so good, so mood enhancing, I want to see it again and again.

I’m a bad blogger

Posted by jackie blue on October 14th, 2003

Again, apologies for the silence. Just been a busy little bee! Anyway, almost done with the Phildar baby sweater for this week. I promise I’ll have photos tomorrow! I have one sleeve left to do, and it’s already half sewed, and I decided since it was just a plain stockingnette stitch that I would do some embroidery to liven it up. You’ll see!

I’m in kind of a funk today because this morning my bird, Kelly, injured his wing somehow and was bleeding when I woke up. I tended to it with tissues and Neosporin and Liquid Bandage, and against better judgement came into work anyway. He seemed OK when I left, he was eating, but I’m worried he’ll pick at it today and bleed a lot again. I’m worried sick but trying to get through the day and hope he’s fine when I get home. It didn’t seem life threatening or I would have ran to a vet.

Anyway, back to knitting. Oh, my nephew just had his second baby this weekend. A girl. I now have *3* grandnieces. Looks like more knitting for me…