I don’t have all that much to say about knitting today. Latifa is coming along, and I have bid in on some Rowan cotton yarn on Ebay – hopefully to become *something* for the new grandniece. Although I’m not wild about knitting with cotton in winter, she lives in LA and there isn’t too much need for wool there.

Tonight my favorite music series Loser’s Lounge is repeating their tribute show to The Zombies from a few years back. Now, The Zombies are my most favorite band ever, competing only with The Beatles, so you can just imagine how happy this makes me. The show rocked back when they first did it. I’m actually going again tomorrow night, since my usual suspects Stacy and Brett couldn’t go tonight. Tonight I am taking a LL virgin, a guy I’ve been seeing for a few weeks. I think this is perfect introduction to that show.

Looking forward to maybe finishing Latifa over the weekend. We’ll see.

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