It’s kind of worrisome when it goes from 80 degrees to nearly 30 in the same week. It’s COOOOOOLD out there, which means I need a new scarf. I will spend most of the day indoors today finishing the Latifa scarf if it kills me. I was outdoors most of the day yesterday, doing the park walk with Ayelet, so I don’t feel the need to brave the cold a second day in a row, other than dog walks.

Well, I won my Ebay auction for the Rowan 4 ply cotton so now have to think about what it will become for the latest baby in the family. It’s a good color for either a boy or girl (this one’s a girl) so I feel I will have good use of this yarn any time in the future. I’d better, I’ll soon have 20 skeins of it and we all know baby things usually take only 2 or 3. I don’t know what possessed me to even bid on this much, although it was so enticing knowing I’d be paying half price for it. I wish I had a lot more money and space as there are so many great yarns for auction there.

2 Responses to “Freaky Weather”

20 SKEINS! Hee hee! Talk about loving a bargain. I have one lonely skein of Rowan 4 ply and I can’t bring myself to swatch it because the needles are so tiny. If you manage to knit through all 20 of those skeins, I will give you a prize 🙂

You’re on! I’ll be back in touch in about 50 years.