We had a RARE Get Out Of Jail Free card at work today, and left at 7, on a Monday. Unheard of! So, with no dog to tie me down, I was able to make it to the new Brooklyn version of SnB. Thank god Latifa travels with me! Anyway, it was a small group but SO nice to see a couple of the old regulars and meet some really nice new people as well. I won’t hold out hope that I will make it every week but if I can just get out early enough even once or twice a month, it would be really nice. I also hope to make it back to the Manhattan version some time as well.

Latifa is getting to be a good length but it is still about 25 inches from where the pattern actually calls for. I haven’t decided yet if I will make it a bit shorter just to end it already. I will work on it a little more tonight and as much as I can at work tomorrow and then see.

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