This has become one of the busiest weeks in recent months. Aside from freelance work, I have a job interview today (didn’t even apply for the job) – a potential client meeting tomorrow, and plans just about every evening from last Monday to this Sunday. I have no time to knit. I have no time to think.

Last night the current guy and I went to see Love, Actually, a movie I was really looking forward to because of it’s superb cast, director’s past wins (I loved Four Weddings even if he only wrote it) and hey, who doesn’t love a little holiday romance? But oh god, it’s TERRIBLE in it’s cliches. I mean, we were both entertained, but I think we had more fun spending the following 2 or 3 hours regurgitating every single BAD cliche that they dug up from every romance flick ever made. I am furious at how much sugar they put into this film. But by all means, go see it if you want, Martin Freeman and Bill Nighy are worth the price of admission alone.

One Response to “Hectic week”

Bummer – I was so looking forward to seeing that!
I just adore Hugh Grant – too bad.