I got my Rowan 4 ply in the mail today. It’s soft and lovely, the color is GORGEOUS. But damn this stuff is thin, it’s like knitting with dental floss. OK, it’ll make a really nice lightweight baby option though. I also started swatching with it doubled. I figure if it’s really too thin for whatever project I choose, I have enough skeins to double it up. It actually knits up lovely doubled. But, it makes a much thicker fabric and I was trying to go for the LA weather, here. So it will just take a lifetime to finish, whatever I do, and I may have to do some pattern adjusting as most of my options call for at least a DK weight.

Tomorrow is my first day/evening with no real set plans and I plan to knit up a storm, or at least finish Latifa. It’s been a crazy busy week and I need some down time.

Last night caught a screening of Tim Burton’s new movie, Big Fish. It will be released around Christmas and I do recommend it. At first it’s quirkiness didn’t really work for me and I spent the first half of the movie not that impressed, but then it all got tied together, and I walked out really liking it a lot. Some are calling it his best movie yet.

2 Responses to “Praise the mail man”

Very clever to double the 4-ply! You may be eligible to win that prize yet. Tee hee!

I so MISS going to movies in the States. Can’t wait till my trip next month…it’s gonna be a cable tv/rent dvd/movies bonanza!

The rowan 4 ply has amazing colors!! But it is thin and stretchy- I have worked with it carrying another yarn to give it more weight and depth. But my hot pink was just fabulous!! It’s soft too!!
Please visit my blog if you have a chance I’d love to have some visitors- I gave you credit for the NYC list of shops I think I am going to attempt to hit next week! You provided a great list! I wonder how many I can hit?