Well, I knit a bit over the weekend and just about finished Latifa except for the last couple of ruffles, and tucking in all the ends. I ended up shortening it quite a bit from the intended 76″, stopping at 60″. It seemed just a bit too much scarf for me at that length. I don’t like to wrap around too many times or I feel like a mummy.

And even though I have a baby thing to start on soon and several other projects in progress, how can I not have a (somewhat) matching hat? I roped myself into joining the Bucket-o-Chic knitalong. I picked up some Reynold’s Alpaca over the weekend at Downtown Yarns that is delightfully warm and soft and matches very closely in color to one of the Latifa colors. Thankfully too it’s furriness makes it very forgiving if you make a mistake, as I already have in a couple of places. Still, I’m almost done with the brim and hopefully will have the main part of the hat started after work tonight.

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