…that forgot my DPNs at home so I can’t finish the top of the Bucket-o-chic today. I will knit on the circulars till I can’t do any more and then finish off the ruffles on the Latifa scarf and I will be all set for the cold weather that seems to be setting in. I love the yarn I’m using for the Bucket but I’m not sure I love the way it’s coming out – I didn’t double the yarn for the brim as I was supposed to (it’s a very thick yarn as it is) but now I kind of wish I did – I’m getting too much roll although doubling might not have helped that. I also wish I made the brim a little wider than the pattern called for. But, I will see how I like it when it’s all done. I think it will be cute regardless. And I can always make another later, say in black, if I don’t wear that scarf with it.

One Response to “I am the idiot…”

I can’t wait to see it! If it’s rolling uncontrollably, maybe it’ll work. I like rolly brims on hats 🙂

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!!