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Would you vote for any of these gals?

Posted by jackie blue on November 3rd, 2003


Well, the parade was PACKED but a lot of fun anyway. My photo must be all over the city, the way people were taking them. Yet I never seem to find us in anyone’s collection. Oh yeah, my banner is hidden. I was “Miss Conduct”, complete with black eye, smeared lipstick, and mug shot number.

Want to take fun quiz? Go here. I won’t tell you my score, it was way lower than it should have been but I have excuses! Busy day at work, radio on the background distracting me, losing points for being born before Woodstock, it’s not fair, I tell ya.

Oh yeah, knitting. I was hoping to make the inaugural meeting of the Brooklyn SnB tonight, as I work nearish to it even though I don’t live in Brooklyn. Alas, I’m still in the office and it started half an hour ago. I guess Latifa will have to be worked on at home.