latifa2.jpg Just in time for the cooooold weather, a scarf and a snazzy hat. Latifa is done and I love her!

The Bucket-o-Chic, not so much. I messed up the decreasing since I couldn’t pick up the right number of stitches and I hate the way the top looks. But since it only used one of the two skeins I bought, I am going to wear this one till I can make another. I would LOVE a pair of gloves to match Latifa and maybe someday I’ll tackle that but for now, I have no patience for gloves and I have a new project in the works.


And that project, for the newest grandniece, is a bobble jacket. from Debbie Bliss’ Cotton Knits for All Seasons. I’m using the Rowan 4 ply, single stranded, on #3 needles. This my friends, could take me awhile. But I’ve gotten off to a good start, and I will post a photo of my progress a little further down the line.

I hope all had a good Thanksgiving – mine was great, with terrific food and family and a romp in the woods with the dog(s). A good weekend followed too, with some movies and lots o’knitting. Which is what I think I will do right now.

2 Responses to “Some FOs!”

latifa looks very pretty. i also think the bucket looks great. your brim doesn’t roll at all!

Oh, wow. Talk about your lovely accessories! Latifa is stunning. Expect many compliments on it. And I really like the bucket hat! From this perspective it looks very cute, with a chic brim. I’d wear it!