Yes, I am still alive. It was a good weekend, and I am exhausted today. Last night was a friend’s Christmas party and then of course even though it was fairly late when I got home, I had to watch 3 hours of television which put me at nearly the 2 a.m. mark before going to sleep. That coupled with the beer I drank for dinner doesn’t make for a whole lot of energy in the mornings.

Luckily last night’s rain storm (which I walked to my friend’s in, thank you very much) washed away all of yesterday afternoon’s snow. That’s the kind of snow I love, there one minute, gone the next. I took the snowy afternoon as license to stay in and knit! I took out some Paton’s Icelandic that has been in my closet for about a year, and started whipping up a simple k2p2 rib scarf. For no one in particular, but I figure it may make a nice gift for someone. However, it’s THICK. Maybe too thick. I will finish it (probably) and see if it’s more pliant after blocking it wider, and if not, I’ll frog it, who cares. Most of it took the one afternoon, cuddling with the dog and watching “Angels in America” – the first 3 hour part.

This week it will be freelance work up the wazoo again, and another party or two, so we’ll see if the knitting trend will continue.

2 Responses to “Happy Mondays”

I have seen or heard the phrase ‘up the wazoo’ in three or four different contexts this week. Is this a rising meme? Did you listen to NPR this weekend? And, is ‘up the wazoo’ anything like ‘out the yingyang’, or this that something entirely different?

Haha! No NPR influences, I’ve been using that expression for years. I think the Wazoo and the Yinyang are relatives on their maternal side.