OK, it’s been a really crazy week and I didn’t even finish the long skinny scarf. I might just do it today/tonight, but I’m wary of it too because it’s a little scratchy. Maybe it will not be a gift after all. I mean, I only have a day or two left for that, eh?

I’ve been socializing as much as I can and keeping busy with work. The weekend was full of parties, family gatherings, and I managed to sneak in a movie (The Cooler) as well. Now I have to find the time tomorrow (and tonight, perhaps) for laundry and baking for Christmas Eve dinner. I’m almost ready for the holiday season to be over, though I have to say, I like all the activity. Am I the only one that gets pretty depressed in January? Long long nights, cold cold weather, and people are so wiped from December that no one really wants to do anything. I forsee a lot of knitting after the New Year.

One Response to “Knitting? What’s that?”

Merry Christmas Jackie! To tell the truth I’m looking forward to the down time (course, I don’t have the social opportunities of NYC here in Little Rock!). Long nights of knitting sounds great right about now! Have a great holiday!