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Happy Mondays

Posted by jackie blue on December 15th, 2003

Yes, I am still alive. It was a good weekend, and I am exhausted today. Last night was a friend’s Christmas party and then of course even though it was fairly late when I got home, I had to watch 3 hours of television which put me at nearly the 2 a.m. mark before going to sleep. That coupled with the beer I drank for dinner doesn’t make for a whole lot of energy in the mornings.

Luckily last night’s rain storm (which I walked to my friend’s in, thank you very much) washed away all of yesterday afternoon’s snow. That’s the kind of snow I love, there one minute, gone the next. I took the snowy afternoon as license to stay in and knit! I took out some Paton’s Icelandic that has been in my closet for about a year, and started whipping up a simple k2p2 rib scarf. For no one in particular, but I figure it may make a nice gift for someone. However, it’s THICK. Maybe too thick. I will finish it (probably) and see if it’s more pliant after blocking it wider, and if not, I’ll frog it, who cares. Most of it took the one afternoon, cuddling with the dog and watching “Angels in America” – the first 3 hour part.

This week it will be freelance work up the wazoo again, and another party or two, so we’ll see if the knitting trend will continue.

Busy little bee

Posted by jackie blue on December 10th, 2003

Apologies for lack of posting and I’m afraid I have no knitting talk today. I have been swamped with work and have deadlines looming, smack in the middle of the holiday season. I spent last weekend at 3 separate music events and tonight I have a party despite the fact that I have work to finish and I am sick, to boot. I woke up with the worst sore throat today and I’m all stuffed up. I really wanted to bake cupcakes for tonight’s party but that would mean going out for supplies right NOW and falling more behind on work. Hmmm, should I?

Anyway, I probably won’t get to knit much in the next few days. Did I mention my mother is also making the baby bobble jacket, for a different baby? She’s using thicker wool so is probably way ahead of me by now.

Maybe if I come home from the party early enough tonight and don’t allow myself to sit at the computer way past normal work hours, I can get some of the sweater done.

Let It Snow

Posted by jackie blue on December 5th, 2003

OK, we’re having somewhat of a blizzard here in NYC. I don’t think it’s sticking yet, but it’s sure coming down past my window. Are we in for another winter like last one? I don’t think I can handle that again, especially with having to walk a dog 3 times a day.

So it’s been a few days since I worked on the new bobble jacket, since freelance work is taking over my life, but here’s progress so far. Remember, it’s fingering weight cotton on #3 needles. I may be knitting this till next summer.


Oh, and here’s what it will look like when it’s done, we hope.

So I’m going to try and do some more knitting this weekend, between social engagements and getting some more freelance done. I’ll keep ya posted.

Some FOs!

Posted by jackie blue on December 1st, 2003

latifa2.jpg Just in time for the cooooold weather, a scarf and a snazzy hat. Latifa is done and I love her!

The Bucket-o-Chic, not so much. I messed up the decreasing since I couldn’t pick up the right number of stitches and I hate the way the top looks. But since it only used one of the two skeins I bought, I am going to wear this one till I can make another. I would LOVE a pair of gloves to match Latifa and maybe someday I’ll tackle that but for now, I have no patience for gloves and I have a new project in the works.


And that project, for the newest grandniece, is a bobble jacket. from Debbie Bliss’ Cotton Knits for All Seasons. I’m using the Rowan 4 ply, single stranded, on #3 needles. This my friends, could take me awhile. But I’ve gotten off to a good start, and I will post a photo of my progress a little further down the line.

I hope all had a good Thanksgiving – mine was great, with terrific food and family and a romp in the woods with the dog(s). A good weekend followed too, with some movies and lots o’knitting. Which is what I think I will do right now.