Man, it was fun going back to SnB last night. The new venue, KnitNY, is great because of lighting, and yarn inspiration everywhere (but overpriced, I think) but it was SO crowded due to the fact that Newsweek was there interviewing and photographing us, and the stools were very uncomfortable. I’d like to return but aside from work timing issues, the real problem was being shoved in with no place for our stuff. However, it was wonderful seeing the old regulars back and I really hope I see these people more often.

Today I’m buried in dusty old components and shiny new ones, as I just got a new 30″ widescreen HDTV television, and a home theatre system to go with. A friend will come over tonight and help me streamline connections so I’m not so cable tangled. So far, I think I’m gonna LOVE watching DVDs at home now.

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