My, I’ve been among the missing. I started working on the baby bobble jacket again today and I’m nearly up to shaping the armholes. I can’t believe how slow this little jacket is going but leave it to me to pick a pattern that intricate for fingering weight. I need to work on it more tonight but my mind is so elsewhere – today on a quibble with a client over an invoiced price and also having to deal with something I bought today that will need to be exchanged and their policy is only an exchange for the same thing when I know that the one I need was not in stock. I’m gearing up for another mini battle tomorrow and all it keeps resulting in is money out of my pocket, and my pockets aren’t so deep.

Aside from that I think I just have the winter blues. I had a nice night out with a friend last night but I’m laying low tonight and getting a little shackwacky I guess. My new TV and DVD system was supposed to help me sit still but that is so hard for me, I wish I could just relax for a few hours with knitting in hand and not feel like I must jump up every 10 minutes.

The SnB list is filled with people unhappy with the latest venue and I have to agree, it was WAY crowded and no place for our coats and things and the stools were so uncomfortable – I wonder what is going to happen. It was great returning last time and seeing people I haven’t seen in so long but now I fear the old regulars will stop going again (including myself as the night is still hard for me to get there on time, especially with a venue that overflows with people). I miss knitting in a group though. It was extremely productive for me as it forced me to stay focused.

Oh well, back to trying to work on it some more.

One Response to “January Blues”

I feel the same way about SnB. I wish I could go and enjoy it, but in that venue with that crowd, no way. HoJo and I will be hitting the sofa tomorrow night, thinking of our knitty friends out there.