If there’s one thing the Golden Globes are good for, it’s knitting progress. Sunday night I finished the back and I’m about 2 inches into the left front of the baby bobble cardigan. I’m managing to get some done at work today as well so maybe there’s hope that I can complete this by the first week of March, when my mother goes to CA to visit the latest baby and recipient of this sweater.

I’m supposed to go see a friend’s band play tonight. Only problem is we’re expecting this huge Nor’easter and about a foot of snow and the music venue is clear across town. I thought it would be good to go to SnB first since it’s very close by the venue and would kill a few hours beforehand because I know if I stay home till 9:30 on a blizzard night I won’t want to go out again. (We’re expecting to get done early at work today and leave by 5 due to the snow so getting to SnB, for a change, wouldn’t be time sensitive). But the whole weather thing, even though I don’t melt in snow, is so unappealing to have to trek around in. I expect to play tonight by ear, and hope my friend doesn’t break my neck if it turns out to be too treacherous a long walk.

I’ll try and get updated photos of the baby sweater tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Progress”

I’m SO jealous that you get to see the Golden Globes and the Oscars! I’m not into the whole ceremony thing but I do love looking at what everyone’s wearing and seeing who nabs all the big awards 🙂

*Knock, knock.* Oh sorry – I was just checking in for the baby sweater pictures.

[How’s that for a great, big hint? Hee!]