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Ahhh, January

Posted by jackie blue on January 6th, 2004

Finally the holidays are over and life is back to what it was. Which is basically the same as it was through the holidays, with more work.

I’ve done very little knitting, alas. True to American form, my life has been consumed by consumerism. That’d be a great title for a book, don’t you think? Anyway, what it means is that I want a new television and home theatre system, and I thought I had it all picked out, till I discovered that my lovely armoire, although built for components, was size challenged for today’s large screens. I want HDTV, can’t afford plasma, and now have to do careful research and measuring because the TV I really wanted will not fit. I know, there are worse things in life. But hey, when you aspire to be a couch potato and even that isn’t working out for you, something is clearly wrong.

I need to get back to the baby bobble jacket in full force, because as my nephew pointed out, that baby is growing fast. So, here I go.